Activism in third world countries

Activism in student community has always been a source of pride and an indicator of health of a nation. In recent months, there have been many protests staged in African nations on political issues. Activism in India, at least the productive kind, the kind on the rise, is of social kind: to just wrongs too long ignored by a government more interested in buying votes by religious politics and reservations, than in getting free ones by doing something right. Even with large protests, the idea seems to be to give an illusion of activity rather than achievement: by hijacking tv crew’s attention with angry gimmicks, issuing non-stop statements (sometimes without even checking for political correctness) and advising better bolts and locks rather than catching thieves. The governing body seems to have  forgotten its role and taken itself for a moral science cum common sense teacher. All of us know to avoid isolated places and to lock doors at night. Maybe, someone should be concerned with arresting criminals and bringing them to justice.

The idea that a rapist who help torture a woman to death might escape with as little as five years is repugnant to say the least, unjust and downright criminal to say the appropriate thing. Being underage is not a Hail-Mary pass to commit heinous crimes. While I am not saying hang them (not that I don’t want to), I am saying that they should be incarcerated for life to make this country and in fact these parts, a little safer for innocent, hopeful young women who have dreams of a full-live with happily ever after endings and a desire to make a difference in some way other than to be the victims who bring the pathetic state of law and order in the country to limelight.

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Wander aimlessly

He’s a real nowhere man,
Sitting in his Nowhere Land,
Making all his nowhere plans
for nobody.
:John Lennon

An ideal realization of this would be too boring to talk about. But when ordinary people make plans about small things, wander aimlessly in search of what they know not, it makes for captivating cinema.

Planning in excruciating detail an entrance and the ensuing conversation, selecting answers, wondering what the person in front of you will look like, say, do and how you will react and wondering all the while if the time is right for the next move… I could go on and on. It’s like there is an entire worlds instead our heads to fill in the times when waiting is impossible and we just don’t know how to fly a plane.


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The West Wing i…

The West Wing is a story of statesmen in the midst of politicians.

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13 days to Valentine: Movies for the day

Let me say that great movies like Casablanca are not for Valentine’s Day. You don’t want her to be crying at the end or in fact any other time during the movie. So romantic comedies are ideal but too frivolous and it won’t say romance at all. Just comedy where the main protagonists happen to be in love. Movies with a galaxy of stars are seldom good either. Love Actually might be the only movie of that kind that I would recommend but it certainly isn’t in the top five. There are only romance movies like say Pride and Prejudice or any other Jane Austen or BBC old world movie but they are too custom-made and hackneyed for my taste. So lets get to it. The list is NOT in order.
High Fidelity: Great songs and an extraordinary ordinary story. And the “I believe” song with the ending credits is incredible.
Amelie: Cute and funny with a great meant-to-be love story thrown in
Before Midnight: If you can get tickets…. Now that we know what happens next, maybe even the first two installments aren’t far out of line.They are surreal in their beauty and the topics of conversation as much as the locations. Some scenic locale which have a could-have-been-in-your-backyard feel but are actually in in-your dreams category. These set of movies make me think that how much you want to talk to a person is in direct proportion to how much you like the person.
What do you know: I have only these three suggestions to offer!
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Before Midnight

I CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER. With reports of its awesomeness tickling in all over the net, I just can’t wait. The previous movies were like the perfect days in an imperfect world. I would like to clarify that I would have very well liked the very first movie to have had the perfect ending and for Celine to not go. It took me days of rationalizing and comparing with Gone with the Wind to appreciate the beauty of the incomplete ending. Of course, the moment the second movie began and for the 80 minutes that it lasted, I didn’t mind. But with the second movie, I was sure that  Jesse wouldn’t go back. Surely rejecting the offer of a perfect relationship twice is tempting fate and beyond belief stupid. And the leisure of the closing moments were alluring to say the least. So this time around, I am waiting and waiting. And hoping that this be worth it, this be one of those times when smiles are more radiant at the end.


For the next 80 minutes or however long it might be.

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I think all religions are good in that they preach the existence of a better world and a prescription to go there. All you have to do is make this one a bit better. But the thing which would in my mind determine a comparative value is how much freedom it allows for time. Almost all religions were founded a long long time ago and so most of the texts,cultures have no idea of the social amenities or values of our times. And it must necessarily be so, for if we humans can’t defy expectations and knowledge of a previous time, progress of all kinds would halt.

What I am trying to say is just this: how free you are to go out in the world, discuss and adopt or tolerate its practices and still belong to the fold, determines the success of the fold.

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Valentine’s Day is almost here.

 As friends, I am interested in a lot of Valentines. 

Saying cheesy things like “Wanna see the world like you do” and “Tonight you can talk all you want”, coming up with gift ideas like a recording of a favorite song in my voice and emailing it with a friend with only smiley in the bulk; all things have a ‘cute’ pass.

 And it’s a great day to say you are sorry.

 If you want to say something and just need some words, or if you have a vague idea that needs a label, then leave me a note and we’ll see. Something like

No one in the world is good enough for you but I am willing to make an exception in my case!”

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