Why don’t we break up with friends?

Friendships that last as long as the call and that are assumed to remain unchanged by the passage of time, are stupid in most cases and downright painful in others.


No amount of phone calls and letters and emails can forge a connection where shared space was the only connection. So, please, just let it go. I don’t wanna pretend to like you, Rick. I didn’t ever like you but it would have been unnecessarily cruel to say so. You have a happy life now, so go be happy. Just go.





Kevin, on the other hand, is the first real friend I ever had. He is terribly busy nowadays and he calls to say so over the background noises of lot of chatter. I am obliged to say I’ll call you later. Wouldn’t it be easier to say goodbyes instead of waiting for an opportunity to talk that may or may not  come in this year?




Would it be easier if there way a way, a like-closed-locked-bolted-door-finality way, to say goodbye to friends? That wouldn’t make you nostalgic and weary for the future, wouldn’t make you feel sorry for your self for you know the uphill work you have to do to make friends, that-good friends, again and that too for a couple of years at best. 



                   Need for permanence is suddenly starting to make sense.




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