All that is great about Pip’s sheltered existence is Joe – his love, his protection and the dream of eventually growing into him, independent, strong and his own man with the touch of blacksmith and an angel! There is a period of immense grief and dissatisfaction and hatred towards everything that follows his introduction to the world a few miles outside his home, to love.




Yes, his dreams change to bigger and brighter and slightly shallower. Yes, he hurt a lot of people and got hurt; competed in the wrong races of showy grandeur and expenditure. But he met a few good men, did a few good things and come home whole, without the need to stay to belong. So it didn’t turn out that bad did it?



My point is that now everyone is held to a greater standard even when it’s unrealistic, surreal and counter-productive. Like expect every grad student to get admitted into a fancy university far away, in Harvard or Max-Planck International school. Why extend dreams beyond ability and reason? Someone said that unfettered by foolish dreams is when you can be happy.



Because we hope that like Pip we will come out the other end, disillusioned but in love, hurt but unbroken yet. And that there will be other people, new people to find and cherish and that there is an unique place for us in this world, even if it is near the bottom than near the top.


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