The silver bullet

Education has been feared across the ages; the potential of revolution inspired by words, of names attached to feelings and hence a consensus reached among a group of people about dissent, of reaching out and asking for help: a few of the many things which can be considered dangerous. But the most dangerous offspring of any education is hope.


Free exchange of ideas often has one significant drawback: it doesn’t account for geography or time.Citizens from different countries,with different cultures and economic background, often end up with same dreams. But the reason for it’s implementation is simple: nothing else works!




There is one other group for which secular education, to read and write freely, is of paramount importance: women and kids in Islamic fundamentalist countries. Women so that they know that the “natural” state of them is not subject to anyone at all and people saying that are no more sane that people defending slavery in America in the nineteenth century; kids so that they know the beauty and diversity of knowledge and learn to respect the human undertakings of more than two thousand years. Point is, maybe in another hundred year or so, they will not need  advocacy of secular education anywhere any more and would have access to higher, humane standards of living. But the ‘smallness’ of the world has manifested itself more in access to arms than in striking fear in the heart of oppressors; that they will be bought to judgment and often violently doesn’t seem to be sufficient reason to change their ways.


So how do we go about it?

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