So my first football memory is that of a guy in blue, long hair standing in front of an empty goalpost.

Of course it went against my manliness (at 3 or something) to admit that I fell asleep during the match. Since then I have been on and off a faithful Brazilian supporter in all matters football.I have taken part in Pele-Maradona, Pele-Garrincha debates, bunked tuition classes and cut summer projects to come home and see the world cup and wondered about the possibility of going to Brazil for a Ph.D so that I can see the coming world cup in person.


’94 was on the edge of my consciousness. I wasn’t ‘in’ it yet. ’94 was more like it. It was a sort of passage ritual, battling sleep during the class next morning in school. And then there was Ronaldo. Agreed there was Owen’s goal and there was Argentina and Italy and France. And the majestic, understated, deft Bergkamp. But it was Brazil all the way! I cried my eyes out, tore all posters and didn’t talk to anyone for a couple of days when Brazil lost in the final. Their performance was incoherent and lackluster.

In four years, however, the tables were turned and Brazil seemed ready to go all the way: to be fair, there has hardly been a world cup when they didn’t seem like that. I guess Brazilian team is like Lionel Messi in that respect: no matter how many goals he has scored in a match, there were at least a couple more possible that he missed! Anyways, Brazil vs Turkey matches (both of them) were great to match. Aggressive football at it’s best: you have it to hand it to Turkey, they weren’t intimidated into 11 in penalty area formation. England vs Brazil produced three magic moments ( 2 great and 1 heart breaking) but for most part was a deadlock. Germany wasn’t upto serious Brazil standard: the question was far long can they hold us up. Turned out, not that long, not that much.

2006 saw a star-studded Brazil get beat by a genius-at-his-best Zidane led France. Frankly, Brazil vs Japan was their best game. I hate Zidane btw. That’s the second time, he put brakes on the Brazilian dream.

2010 was plain stupid; they played like their heart wasn’t in it and Ronaldinho was missing from action.


Which brings us upto date: What the hell are they doing? Getting beaten by England is unacceptable on any day but 2:1 is insulting. Just last year, they played a fabulous match against Argentina. First of all, 7 goals and that to 4-3 distribution of it is pretty amazing in itself. Then, it was Brazil and Argentina. And lastly, Messi scored a hatrick.

What happened? A missed penalty? England, Good God?! There is a little over an year to go and with Scolari and Ronaldinho back, I was hoping for a fueling of my and a lot of their’s, dreams. It already been too long!

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