Girls and words

Women are a lot more open to the beauty of words, reading poems or at least messages on greeting cards before buying them, actually listening to words when someone is talking and talking a lot too.

I read this interview saying that men buy the bigger, brighter and generally showy cards and women buy thoughtful, choice words cards. You wanna bet that that doesn’t work out at all. They are buying cards that they themselves like. The girls would turn over the page and look at the words, look for any indication of a personal touch, if she is in it for real. Of course, it makes for great show to have shiny cards.

Boys on the other hand will look at the cover, a lot.

The readership of writers like say Neruda (inspite of the insistence of that postmaster in Il Postino) is mostly women. I guess it’s their need to remember things that makes it like that. Words are portable, you can carry them around without wear and tear, and play it over and over in your head without change.

And if they mean something more than just their meaning, then they make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Seriously.

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