Before Midnight

I CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER. With reports of its awesomeness tickling in all over the net, I just can’t wait. The previous movies were like the perfect days in an imperfect world. I would like to clarify that I would have very well liked the very first movie to have had the perfect ending and for Celine to not go. It took me days of rationalizing and comparing with Gone with the Wind to appreciate the beauty of the incomplete ending. Of course, the moment the second movie began and for the 80 minutes that it lasted, I didn’t mind. But with the second movie, I was sure that  Jesse wouldn’t go back. Surely rejecting the offer of a perfect relationship twice is tempting fate and beyond belief stupid. And the leisure of the closing moments were alluring to say the least. So this time around, I am waiting and waiting. And hoping that this be worth it, this be one of those times when smiles are more radiant at the end.


For the next 80 minutes or however long it might be.

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