13 days to Valentine: Movies for the day

Let me say that great movies like Casablanca are not for Valentine’s Day. You don’t want her to be crying at the end or in fact any other time during the movie. So romantic comedies are ideal but too frivolous and it won’t say romance at all. Just comedy where the main protagonists happen to be in love. Movies with a galaxy of stars are seldom good either. Love Actually might be the only movie of that kind that I would recommend but it certainly isn’t in the top five. There are only romance movies like say Pride and Prejudice or any other Jane Austen or BBC old world movie but they are too custom-made and hackneyed for my taste. So lets get to it. The list is NOT in order.
High Fidelity: Great songs and an extraordinary ordinary story. And the “I believe” song with the ending credits is incredible.
Amelie: Cute and funny with a great meant-to-be love story thrown in
Before Midnight: If you can get tickets…. Now that we know what happens next, maybe even the first two installments aren’t far out of line.They are surreal in their beauty and the topics of conversation as much as the locations. Some scenic locale which have a could-have-been-in-your-backyard feel but are actually in in-your dreams category. These set of movies make me think that how much you want to talk to a person is in direct proportion to how much you like the person.
What do you know: I have only these three suggestions to offer!
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