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  All that is great about Pip’s sheltered existence is Joe – his love, his protection and the dream of eventually growing into him, independent, strong and his own man with the touch of blacksmith and an angel! There is … Continue reading

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The silver bullet

Education has been feared across the ages; the potential of revolution inspired by words, of names attached to feelings and hence a consensus reached among a group of people about dissent, of reaching out and asking for help: a few … Continue reading

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So my first football memory is that of a guy in blue, long hair standing in front of an empty goalpost. Of course it went against my manliness (at 3 or something) to admit that I fell asleep during the … Continue reading

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Girls and words

Women are a lot more open to the beauty of words, reading poems or at least messages on greeting cards before buying them, actually listening to words when someone is talking and talking a lot too. I read this interview … Continue reading

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Too much religious freedom

I would say that this is an instance of that: I think any case, any situation and in any place, if you can be threatened to do what you don’t want to do on religious grounds (and not law) then … Continue reading

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Meaning in Beauty

A glorification of beauty, inspiring poetry, inspiring wars, has been a part of the heritage of the world. The point is beauty has its own language, has its own meaning that touches the core of our heart and renders our … Continue reading

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Activism in third world countries

Activism in student community has always been a source of pride and an indicator of health of a nation. In recent months, there have been many protests staged in African nations on political issues. Activism in India, at least the … Continue reading

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